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Meet Nicole

Somatic Trauma Coach and Healer

Nicole Harmony is a certified Health and Life Coach working with both men and women who are struggling with chronic pain, chronic illness and/or disease, anxiety and/or depression 

Through her own curated modality called the Memory Integration Technique, she has the ability to assist in accessing the subconscious mind where the limiting beliefs and/or programs were created back in the ages of 0-18 years old.  It is these limiting beliefs and/or programs keeping you stuck from reaching your goals and living your best life! 

A bit more about the Memory Integration Technique:

We’ve all experienced traumas in our lives right?

Little T traumas 

  • Cutting your finger 

  • Falling down 

  • Loss of a pet

Big T Traumas

  • Loss of a parent 

  • Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse

  • Divorce 

Here’s the thing though

The brain does not recognize the difference between a fall off your bike from emotional/sexual/physical abuse 

It just recognizes the dysregulation of the body’s physiology 

As adults, we have all of these parts that we have disassociated with and cast out of our physical body

These memories that are floating alongside of us in our energetic field

The truth is

Our memories are what made us who we are

We do not want to erase them 

They have played a role in our lives 

Without them, we would be completely different humans

Good and Bad

The Memory Integration Technique is designed to:

  • Excavate those memories by a series of questions we go through together 

  • Then through a sensory exercise, we are able to drop our subconscious minds into that memory

  • This allows that younger version of ourselves to come forward during light hynosis in order to feel seen, heard and validated

  • We then offer them the option of being released from the contract they signed to keep the older version of you safe

  • This will allow that part of you to become integrated back into the body 

  • Finishing up with a limiting belief clearing and reprogramming the subconscious mind through SRT (subconscious release technique)


I will be holding a safe container for you as we do this journey together.  At no point will you be in any danger.   

This work is POWERFUL!  

It is a quantum leap in YOUR healing and in YOUR journey 

It is medicine for YOUR soul!​​

Is your soul ready to accept the medicine?

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I can not thank you enough for your help!  I am able to see and openly acknowledge your value in my life.

Ben Callan

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